A Policy to Be Green

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has delivered credible environmental research since 1994. They have embraced climate friendly practices with a comprehensive approach to green their business and a commitment to promoting their achievements as widely as possible.

In 2008, the renovation of the PPIC interior office was completed and awarded LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors Certification. Their internal Green Committee implemented bicycle parking, a building-wide composting program, and an environmentally preferred purchasing program through “green” vendors and products.

Their climate friendly accomplishments and goals are shared by all employees and tenants of the office building at 500 Washington in San Francisco. PPIC regularly reports on these successes with clients, employees, and the general public through their website, article submissions, and displays of their awards and certifications.

What Actions did Public Policy Institute of California Take to Save Energy?

In their quest for sustainable building operations, PPIC reduced annual natural gas usage and electricity usage by 50% and 25%, respectively, in their 8-story office building in downtown San Francisco. PPIC has strived to achieve controllability of systems and thermal comfort compliance. Additionally, PPIC uses natural lighting and provides views for over 75% of the office space. This has been accomplished by using strategies promoted by the San Francisco Green Business Program as well as the Small Business Toolkit provided by the CoolCalifornia.org website.

What actions did Public Policy Institute of California Take to Drive Clean?

PPIC installed bicycle racks in the parking garage and reduced the number of available parking slots in order to encourage employees to use public transportation, carpool, or bike to work. As an incentive to commute, PPIC employees can use tax free dollars towards commuting options or participate in the Zipcar car sharing program.

How Have Public Policy Institute of California’s Efforts Been Recognized?

PPIC is the proud recipient of the Energy Star Award since 2007. In 2009 they received aCoolCalifornia.org Organization of the Year Award in recognition of their efforts to reduce their climate impacts. They are recipients of the LEED certification for positive conservation practices at 500 Washington Street. They were also awarded the Gold LEED Certification for Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance for meeting strict environmental standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council, making them unique "double gold" recipients.

“As I like to say to our tenants at 500 Washington, PPIC has truly ‘talked the talk and walked the walk’ as it relates to sustainability.”

-Dennis Rosario, Director, CB Richard Ellis

Public Policy Institute of California
500 Washington Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94111

Non-profit organization dedicated to independent, nonpartisan research on California's economic, social, and political issues.Contact Information:

Climate Friendly Actions

  • Renovated office to be LEED certified
  • Implemented recycling and composting program building-wide
  • Conducts an annual E-Waste collection
  • Purchases recycled paper and green cleaning and office products
  • Installed sensors on lights and energy saving light bulbs
  • Participates in alternative modes of transportation programs like Zipcar
  • Conducted an energy audit on office equipment (eliminating one printer), and programmed printers for double sided prints
  • Conducted an energy performance audit and proved to be 62% below the average office in energy consumption
  • Received a grant to expand video conferencing to reduce company travel

Estimated Yearly Cost Savings

  • $18,750 in natural gas bills and $28,766 in electricity bills due to lighting, HVAC, and office equipment upgrades and optimization

Reduction in Wastewater Usage

  • 26% from installation of low flow fixtures and toilets