Making Headlines and a Healthy Environment

Monterey County Weekly Monterey County Weekly is an independent newsmedia company located in Seaside, California. At their core is their weekly newspaper, published every Thursday since 1988, plus three weekly e-newsletters to over 30,000 subscribers, a website (online since 1996) featuring daily news, arts and entertainment and mobile site.

Monterey County Weekly has taken countless actions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, including transforming their headquarters into a LEED™ Platinum certified building, a first for a commercial business in the tri-county area (Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito).

Energy efficiency is a specialty of Monterey County Weekly. This green business relies on on-site solar power for all of their energy needs and generates more energy than they consume with their 33 kW solar array. From energy efficient machines to natural lighting from skylights, they take steps every day to reduce their energy usage and their use of other resources. Monterey County Weekly’s high regard for the environment is apparent in the way they run their business and they are well known for their extensive reporting on environmental issues.

Monterey County Weekly encourages employees to follow green principles in their daily lives including using alternate forms of commuting. Monterey County Weekly is the sponsor of the local green business conference. They also created an annual fundraising campaign for local nonprofits, including a category to support local environmental charities. They are unique in their commendable efforts to have a low-impact on the environment, and serve as a role model for green businesses.

What actions did Monterey County Weekly take to save energy?

Monterey County Weekly installed a 162 panel rooftop solar array at their headquarters, which covers all of their energy needs totaling 33 kW. This has saved them thousands of dollars in electricity! Taking that a few steps further, they purchased energy-efficient machines and ENERGY STAR® rated computers for their work. They installed automated thermostats at all of their furnaces to control the energy used for heating. Monterey County Weekly replaced all lighting with more efficient LED lighting, but also use skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting. To reduce heating and cooling needs, they also replaced all windows with double-pane insulated glass.

What did Monterey County Weekly do to save other resources?

Monterey County Weekly recycles nearly 80 percent of their waste, and their staff make sure to print all documents double-sided to reduce paper use. They recycle toner cartridges for the printer and dispose of all batteries in an environmentally-friendly manner. When remodeling their offices, Monterey County Weekly installed recycled-content carpet and used paint containing zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To save water they installed low-flow toilets and faucets, as well as drought-resistance plants and a drip irrigation system.

What other green actions did Monterey County Weekly take?

Monterey County Weekly composts all yard and food waste. Monterey County Weekly takes an active approach to promote alternate transportation. By encouraging employees to take alternate forms of transportation such as biking or carpooling, and in fact, nearly 40 percent of employees rely on biking, walking, carpooling, or telecommuting to work. Monterey County Weekly has also written green principles into the employee handbook to ensure that all staff uphold a level of environmental awareness.

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Monterey County Weekly
668 Williams Avenue
Seaside, CA 93955

Monterey County Weekly is a news media company that is recognized for their green actions as well as their reporting on sustainability issues. Nearly 40 percent of Monterey County Weekly employees use alternative methods of transportation to commute to work.

Energy Efficiency Renovations:

  • Headquartered in a LEED™ Platinum certified building
  • Installed a 33 kW solar array
  • Directs nearly 80 percent of their waste to recycling
  • Uses ENERGY STAR® rated computers and energy-efficient machinery
  • Installed low-flow toilets and faucets
  • Uses automatic thermostats to control furnaces
  • Installed energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Installed 30 skylights to reduce the use of artificial lighting
  • Replaced all glass windows and doors with double-pane insulated glass
  • Installed drip-irrigation and drought-resistance plants that require less watering
  • Installed recycled content carpet
  • Compost all yard and food waste
  • Use zero VOC paint on the office building
  • Encourages staff to use alternate modes of transportation to get to work
  • Sponsors a local green business conference

Total Savings:

  • Nearly $10,000 in electricity costs