Orchard Garden Hotel

This business runs two LEED certified green hotels in the heart of downtown San Francisco. They installed new efficient hot water storage tanks, actuators, thermometers and pressure gauges; placed LED bulbs in every guest room; and, installed flow restrictors and aerators in guest bathrooms. The company purchased ENERGY STAR appliances, FSC-certified wood furniture and recycled products, and uses low or no-VOC paints, adhesives and sealants. They limit their food and beverage menu to items produced within a 100 mile radius. They implemented a strict recycling and composting program throughout the hotel from housekeeping to the kitchen, and offer the option to guests to participate in their re-use program for towels and bed linens. For alternative transportation, the company encourages their employees to use commuter checks – a pre-tax benefit that lowers commuting costs, and Zipcars – employees can sign up for a Zipcar with no application fee and reduced annual fee and rates. It pays to be energy efficient! During 2001 and 2002, nearly one-third of California businesses cut overall energy use by at least 20%, saving California companies millions of dollars. Over the next decade, California could realistically and cost-effectively reduce its peak electricity needs by 5,900 Megawatts (MW), saving businesses and residents an estimated $12 billion.

San Francisco
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