Ohana Pet Hospital

Ohana Pet Hospital is a five-doctor veterinary clinic that provides medical, surgical, dental and wellness health care for dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and select reptiles. Ohana was presented with a CoolCalifornia Climate Leader award in 2013 for its achievements in reducing waste, recycling and conserving energy and water. In 2014, the hospital used its 2,000-square-foot facility extension as an opportunity to expand upon its eco-friendly commitment. The new space was built with eco-friendly materials including zero-emission paints, plant-based and Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified anti-microbial flooring, and LED lighting. It also included energy efficient appliances, an additional low-flow toilet, and increased insulation for the cooling/heating unit. In order to go above and beyond what had been done in the past, Ohana used new eco-friendly materials, such as Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified, recycled-content cabinet laminates. Whenever feasible, Ohana uses refillable cleaning products purchased from a local refill store. The pet hospital uses office supplies that are recyclable or otherwise eco-friendly, and purchases promotional products from a company that sells environmentally friendly items. Ohana continues to operate digital X-ray and recordkeeping systems, and use an e-fax number. The business also implemented a new employee clock-in system to further reduce paper waste. This past year, in an effort to maximize waste reduction and recycling at Ohana, employees visited the local recycling facility to share the types of medical waste Ohana produces and learn what may be recycled. To help educate their staff, the business owners created and display a “recycling board” to show what materials can be recycled. Ohana continues to provide clients with tote bags when needed for food and prescription purposes. Finally, to “top-off” its waste reduction efforts, Ohana located a business that is able to collect and reuse icepacks used in medication shipments to the pet hospital. To promote environmental sustainability in its community in 2014, Ohana Pet Hospital sponsored five ‘Poo-Free Park Stations’ throughout Ventura’s dog parks and beaches to encourage the use of eco-friendly bags for animal waste pickup. It also helped plan and execute a Summit on Water Conservation, which was a partnership between Ventura Water, the City of Ventura, the Ventura Chamber of Commerce and Assemblyman Das Williams. Additionally, its monthly e-newsletter for clients features tips on water conservation. A company that continually educates, learns and acts on what it has learned, Ohana has proven itself to be a pioneer of eco-friendly business.