Atrium Ventures Unlimited

Atrium Ventures is a workplace rental provider that offers clients fully-furnished office spaces, conference facilities, social common rooms and more. The workspaces have been designed to minimize their environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency while still looking both professional and stylish. Offices come equipped with solar sky tubes, LED lighting, and occupancy sensors. The building’s older HVAC units have been replaced with high efficiency models and all of the walls have been retrofitted with maximum capacity insulation and dual pane windows. The landscaping has been replaced with drought tolerant plants and a drip irrigation system to reduce water consumption. Through these energy efficiency upgrades, Atrium estimates their utility bills will be 75% less than before the retrofits. Over the next year, Atrium will make even more energy efficient improvements by installing solar panels, tankless water heaters, dual-paned glass entry doors, and additional skylights.  These improvements not only save Atrium money, but the energy efficient facilities also appeal to their customers. Atrium staff always highlights the energy efficient features and, in the process, shows their customers that energy efficient building upgrades can be practical and cost-effective.

Santa Maria
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