ShowPro provides sound, lighting, video, and projection services for small and large live industry events. Because of the high energy demand needed to test bright lights and sound systems, it is not easy for a special events production company to be 100% solar powered - but that is what ShowPro has accomplished. They bought a complete system for $70,000 after receiving federal tax credits and a significant rebate. They are now saving an average of $1,000 per month in electricity costs and will have paid for the system in less than six years. They also installed an electric car charger, powered by the solar panels, and subsidize employee use of electric vehicles. To further reduce their energy usage, they installed energy efficient windows and skylights, replaced all building and parking lot lamps with LED or fluorescent bulbs, and applied a highly reflective white roof sealant to reflect more light to the solar panels. They recycle everything from aluminum cans to steel pipe, collect runoff water for their drought- tolerant plants, and use fans instead of air conditioning to cool the shop. ShowPro also uses LED lighting systems and existing power at their events instead of using a generator. They are known in their industry as "the green guys" because of their commitment to solar power, electric cars, energy efficiency, and LED lighting.

Los Angeles
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