Geo H. Wilson, Inc.

Not many plumbing companies can claim to be as respected as Geo. H. Wilson, which is the first Green Certified Santa Cruz Plumbing Contractor, as well as a third generation family owned and operated business since 1921. This small business provides plumbing and mechanical services to clients and strives to promote a “local” and “green” mentality on jobsites and in its office. Geo. H. Wilson has undertaken numerous waste reduction efforts, including donating used office products to schools, having all construction debris diverted away from landfills, committing to only utilize recycled materials and reusing everything possible. An environmental policy statement was also put into effect to outline the business’s goals as a green business in order to conserve and implement “green practices.” The cost savings from the plumbing contractor’s waste, greenhouse gas, energy and water reduction efforts totals $12,700 over the year. Moreover, the business has promoted bike commuting for businesses in its area by partnering with Santa Cruz County to host a Bike Commuter Awareness Training and by supporting Bike to Work Week. Even when economic pressures posed a challenge to implementing new sustainable actions, Geo. H. Wilson is proud to have steadily developed, maintained and improved its already sustainable business practices, which will continue to make a difference for decades.

Santa Cruz
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