Third Generation Family Business Dedicated to Being Green

Geo H. Wilson, Inc., provider of plumbing and mechanical services to clients, strives to promote a “local and green” mentality on jobsites, as well as in their office. Open since 1921, they have earned respect from the community as a third generation family owned and operated business. They are proud of developing, maintaining, and improving their sustainable practices through the decades.

Geo H. Wilson, Inc. has a history of evaluating its business operations and being honored for its success. They worked with the City of Santa Cruz to complete a 10 page checklist to become a Certified Green Business. Part of their certification efforts included extensive calculating and documentation to verify their sustainable practices. Next, they prepared an Environmental Policy Statement which outlined their goals as a business to conserve and implement daily “green practices.” For example, they committed to numerous waste reduction practices, buying environmentally preferred products, improving energy efficiency, and implementing water conservation mechanisms. The cost savings from their waste, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, energy, and water efforts totaled $12,571. Geo H. Wilson, Inc. was the first plumbing company to earn the Green Business Certification from the City of Santa Cruz in 2005 and the first City of Santa Cruz business to be re-certified in 2009.

Moreover, Geo H. Wilson, Inc. promotes bicycle transportation in the community. They partnered with Santa Cruz County to host a Bike Commuter Awareness Training and support Bike to Work Week. Many of Geo H. Wilson, Inc. employees bike to work on a regular basis, and the company educates employees on bicycle safety and how to share the road.

Over the years, Geo H. Wilson, Inc. has been recognized by other regional organizations. They became a charter member of Think Local First in 2007, which is a local business effort to “promote and sustain economic vitality while preserving the unique character of Santa Cruz County.” They are also a featured company with Greener Values, a website that gives
out deals and coupons to promote environmentally preferable and socially beneficial companies. Geo H. Wilson, Inc. paves the way for others in the industry to strive for environmental standards. They are constantly educating customers and colleagues on being energy and water efficient, which motivates others to follow suit.

small business award logo
Geo H. Wilson, Inc.
250 Harvey West Blvd
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Geo H. Wilson, Inc. provides plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and sheet metal fabrication services.

Green Actions:

  • Donates used office products to schools
  • Diverts all construction debris away from landfills
  • Purchases paper products with at least 30% or higher recycled content
  • Purchases bathroom paper products with 100% recycled content
  • Reuses all binders and file folders
  • Uses energy efficient equipment
  • Recycles and composts
  • Supports awareness events for bike commuting

Cost Savings:

  • Recycling & Composting Savings: $130
  • Hazardous Waste Savings: $73
  • Energy Savings: $11,915
  • Water Savings: $453
  • Total Amount Saved: $12,571

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