My Conference Essentials

My Conference Essentials (MCE) is a unique event organization services company that prioritizes waste reduction in all of its business practices.  MCE uses a streamlined paperless check-in and registration system for event hosting that minimizes customer stress and unnecessary paper waste.  Many other conference organizers print a large list of name tags for all people registered prior to an event, but MCE does it differently. MCE uses a system that only prints name tags at the time of check-in and uses the latest ENERGY STAR printers. By mitigating paper and ink waste, MCE estimates it saves customers an average $300 per event. Unnecessary battery waste has been avoided by using rechargeable batteries in all remote-controlled devices.  Following each event a name badge recycling service is provided and badge returns are incentivized with treats.  As an event hosting provider, MCE naturally comes into contact with a large diverse range of people. In that role, MCE takes the opportunity to remind attendees to be environmentally conscious by providing flyers that state “reduce your carbon footprint” and incorporating this message on its business cards. MCE is a great representation of how a small business can effectively integrate sustainable practices into its core operations.

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