Hero Arts, Inc.

This business designs and manufactures decorative stamps and stamping supplies for the craft, scrapbooking, and cardmaking markets. The company uses a 68-kW solar array that produced 60-kWh for their Oakland facility in 2010. They established a “Sustainability Team” in 2010 that works on sustainability issues, planning, continued improvements, and educating their employees. The firm stopped using an electric heating system in 2010 when they installed two, gas-heat blowers that use only 20% of the energy previously supplied by electric heaters.They installed sensors to turn off lighting when not in use, eliminated all toxins, chemicals, and solvents in their manufacturing processes, and have a 70% recycle rate. They use wood from Forest Steward Council (FSC)-certified, sustainably managed forests. Overall, they reduced their CO2 emissions by approximately 240 tons and electricity usage by 15% in 2010, saving the company $6,000.

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