Dental Healing

Dental Healing is a general family dentistry that combines a passion for the environment with holistic dental health services. They believe that human health is inextricably interconnected with the health of the planet. Recently, they renovated their office space and installed new HVAC ducting, smart lighting design, R-13 insulation, a state of the art and highly efficient on-demand air compressor for dental equipment, Watersense certified plumbing fixtures, a waterless dental vacuum and an ENERGY STAR exhaust fan to reduce their energy usage and conserve water. They also used no VOC paints, mill work, adhesives, chalks, glues, and sealants, along with Green Seal certified cleaning products. Other sustainable features incorporated into the office are bamboo flooring, natural lighting, LEED compliant office cabinets, reconstituted coconut shell flooring, and re-purposed furniture. To reduce paper waste, they purchase the highest possible recycled content in all paper products, have a paperless filing computer system, have implemented an office recycling program, and formed a Green Team. The building management is using Dental Healing’s renovation project to promote sustainability and secure additional likeminded businesses as tenants. Health, efficiency, and conservation are top priorities at Dental Healing.

Los Angeles
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