A Role Model in Floral Creativity and Reuse

Daisy Rose Floral Design creates floral arrangements to fit the customer’s style, and keeps their process natural, organic, and sustainable. The company strives to minimize their impact on the environment through ultra-low energy usage, water conservation, and near zero waste practices.

Complementing their creativity, daisy rose floral design adopts unique ways to incorporate sustainability in their business processes. for example, flowers are locally and seasonally sourced whenever possible, which supports nearby farmers and vendors, as well as cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation. In order to keep their process non-toxic and biodegradable, Daisy Rose Floral Design does not use floral foam, spray paints, or artificial dyes. Once their product is complete, they return all flower packaging for reuse, and replant or compost all leftover plant material to reduce their waste.

In selecting a one-of-a-kind, purposeful workspace, daisy floral design decided to convert a semi-demolished horse shed into their design studio. Daisy Rose Floral Design utilized 50-60% repurposed materials to build features of the studio, including reclaimed siding, salvaged windows, and recycled roofing. Appliances and fixtures of the studio include a compost toilet, energy efficient lighting, a tankless water heater, and an Energy Star walk-in cooler. They use natural ventilation and insulation instead of air conditioning and heating to keep their energy bills at an absolute minimum.

A wonderful way daisy rose floral design contributes to the community is by repurposing their floral arrangements from an event and donating the flowers to hospitals and retirement communities. This is a special way to make the most of their floral masterpieces and continue to put smiles on peoples’ faces after an event!

Daisy Rose Floral Design understands the environmental impacts of their activities and changing the way they operate is an ongoing educational exercise. For example, all employees are made aware of necessary energy saving behaviors, like shutting doors for insulation, and turning off lights when not in use. Daisy Rose Floral Design’s efforts to manage, monitor, and measure their resources have led them to become a certified Green Business of Sonoma County.

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Daisy Rose Floral Designs
730 Mosta Way
Sonoma, CA 95476

Daisy Rose Floral Design specializes in creating memorable floral arrangements for weddings, parties, and special events.

Green Practices:

  • Returns all flower packaging for reuse
  • Replants or composts all leftover plant material
  • Reuses all grey water
  • no use of floral foam (toxic and non-biodegradable), spray paints, or artificial dyes
  • Buys recycled office paper
  • Purchases environmentally safe cleaning supplies

Office Renovations:

  • Repurposed horse shed for design studio
  • Installed compost toilet
  • Installed an Energy Star walk-in cooler