Affirmative Wealth Management

Affirmative Wealth Management offers planning and fiduciary investment management, specializing in environmental sustainability, stewardship, and impact investing for clients who want to align their investmentswith their values and help make a difference. To help showcase energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and cost effectiveness, Affirmative Wealth Management bought a commercial building and did a complete renovation of the property. They installed energy-efficient windows, upgraded the electrical system, made use of natural lighting, added attic insulation, put window film on west-facing windows to reduce heat, caulked for insulation, installed rooftop solar, and bought an EVcharger for their Nissan Leaf. They also refinished the natural wood floors, re-sourced wool oriental carpets and furniture for the office, replaced lights with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), switched gas hot water heat to on-demand electric heat, purchased an ENERGY STAR computer and printer, and used low VOC paint in the interior. Their cost savings have been so great that their last PG&E bill was 83 cents and they received $300 in credits from their local utility provider, Marin Clean Energy. Affirmative Wealth Management is proud to be a certified Bay Area Green Business and knows their actions will continue to reduce their carbon footprint and costs into the future.

El Cerrito
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