Way To Be Designs

Way To Be Designs’ motto is, “We don’t give lip service to sustainability — we’ve built it into our business strategies.” Way To Be Designs offers creative custom and branded merchandise and uniforms for mid to large size companies with high volume needs. Most notably, the business has demonstrated leadership in sustainability by developing a unique process to recycle used vinyl rooftop banners into useful “banner bags.” Way To Be Designs’ clients know where products come from, that products are created in a safe and sustainable manner, and that products are not hazardous to workers or consumers. Moreover, Way To Be Designs’ green business operations include using ENERGY STAR-rated equipment, composting food scraps, providing employees with reusable cutlery and water bottles, posting water conservation signs in restrooms and in the kitchen, shipping in bulk, and mandating “green” janitorial products. Additionally, the business has installed motion light sensors in break rooms, upgraded its heating system, and set-up programmable thermostats. Way To Be Designs is most proud of its internal improvements to replace more than 100 T-12 lights and ballasts with T-8 lights, and expects an energy cost savings of between 3 and 7 percent as a result of all of its actions.

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