Uptown Studios

Uptown Studios, a Sacramento-based business specializing in services such as marketing, website design, social media management and training, is getting creative not only in its services but also in ways to reduce its carbon footprint. In September 2016, the business relocated to a green building with energy-efficient lighting and appliances as well as low-flow toilets and faucets. In addition to the building’s eco-friendly features, this business team also takes time to discuss new and creative ways to decrease energy consumption, improve on waste reduction, and reduce their carbon footprint. Through these brainstorming sessions, the team has implemented initiatives such as only using glass plates, mugs and cloth towels in the kitchen and encouraging public transit or bike use over vehicle use.  The motivation to be environmentally-conscious is turned into action by the employees!  Uptown Studios is awaiting a bike rack installation in front of the office from the City of Sacramento, which will further accommodate biking employees.  To address waste reduction, Uptown Studios recycles its compost through the Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento (GRAS). The business worked with GRAS to plant and maintain low-water use plants on its front landscape, using the compost of local restaurants to grow the plants.  Most importantly, Uptown Studios team is using its business operations to encourage clients to live more sustainably by opting for digital alternatives or decreasing print requests.

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