Transportation makes up one of the largest single sources of GHG emissions nationwide, and on an individual basis. Your choices can have a huge impact on your personal GHG footprint as well as that of the State of California!


Choose the Right Mode

Transportation related emissions make up 41% of our GHG footprint here in California. Your choices can make a huge impact as we transition to a more sustainable future. Transportation choices can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Click below for more information on choosing the right mode of transportation for you and the planet.



Choose Active Transportation

Walking and biking can not only make individuals healthier, they can make communities healthier and more sustainable by reducing air pollution from cars and traffic. Neighborhoods that are less dependent on motor vehicles, help make California’s streets safer for those who choose to bike or walk. Choosing to walk or bike not only improves your health, but the health of our communities! Click below for more information on choosing active transportation for you and the planet.



How to Choose the Right Vehicle

With recent drops in the price of electric and fuel cell vehicles, and improvements in battery technology, an electric vehicle can reduce the emissions associated with travel and save you money. Click below for more information on choosing the right vehicle for you and the planet.



Reduce Air Travel

Save on travel expenses like food and lodging by choosing to utilize teleconferencing technologies or vacationing close to home. Click below for more information on how to save money and reduce your air travel footprint.



Eco-Driving Tips

Practicing eco-driving and proper vehicle maintanence can help to extend the life of your vehicle and reduce its fuel consumption - saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint! Click below for more information on reducing the impact of your vehicle and driving habits on the your bank account and the planet.


Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not presented in a specific order. Recommendations are presented based on a combination of perceived ease of implementation and potential GHG reduction, and are subject to change at any time.