The Living Christmas Company

Head tree-hugger and Christmas Caroler, Scott “Scotty Claus” Martin, was once ashamed by the discarded Christmas Trees that would line the streets after the holidays. Now, thanks to the Living Christmas Company, families can invite the same tree over for the holidays year after year.

Once delivering for a nursery, Scott Martin came up with the idea that Californians should rent a tree, and then return them to a nursery to be cared for so they could be rented out again the following year, and upon request even rent the same tree. So Scott created a company that would not only offer both environmentally friendly products and services, but also an environmentally preferable delivery system. Once the trees are too big or unfit to be rented out, they become part of an Urban Reforestation Project.

Cutting Costs Through Delivery

Every mile traveled takes fuel and fuel costs money. The Living Christmas Co. decided to design a delivery system based on reducing miles traveled for every truck.

Delivery software is used to plan optimum delivery routes and tracks real time efficiency and drivers are able to deliver up to 40 trees per route. Phone calls, automated emails and text messages ensure that the customers are home when the trees are being delivered minimizing redeliveries to less than 5%.

Delivery trucks fueled by biodiesel allow for onsite storage, minimized travel for refueling, improved efficiency, and increased cost savings.

Brownfield and Blight

Shell agreed to let Living Christmas Co. grow their trees on abandoned refinery land designated as brownfield, land that was previously used for industrial purposes that may be contaminated. This relationship significantly reduced the land and transportation costs, and maximized the use of land that would otherwise be left as unproductive. This agreement allows The Living Christmas Co. to research additional varieties of trees and pines and increase their positive impact on future habitats.

Environmental and Fair-trade Products

Not only does The Living Christmas Co. offer a great eco-friendly choice for your Christmas tree, but they also offer a great selection of fair-trade, locally made, and eco-friendly Christmas themed products from LED energy conscious Christmas lights to fair-trade ornaments. These products support women’s programs in India, Tibetan refugees in Nepal, and support the green industry locally.

“Unlike cut trees from Oregon and artificial trees from China, our trees don’t travel thousands of miles. Online ordering further reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to optimize delivery routes. Instead of dozens of single trips to and from tree lots, our clean burning biodiesel trucks deliver dozens of trees in a single trip.”

-Scott Martin, Founder

The Living Christmas Company
800 South Pacific Coast Highway Suite 443
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

An eco-friendly Christmas tree business that rents living trees to Southern California customers, year after year.

Climate Friendly Actions:

  • Reusable, locally grown Christmas Trees reduce carbon from manufacturing, shipping, and disposal
  • Utilize delivery software to reduce miles traveled by fleet by delivery route planning
  • Employees telecommute or commute via bicycle to reduce vehicle emissions
  • Leases a fleet of bio-diesel delivery trucks
  • Collected over 850 lbs of donations for Goodwill while delivering and picking up trees
  • Tree stock removes up to a ton of carbon from the atmosphere during the off-season

The Living Christmas Co. was a 2009 Small Business Excellence Award winner presented by