Scrub-a-dub with Sustainable Products

The Bath Workshop creates custom, blended bath and body products that are all natural and safe for the environment. They strive towards becoming a more sustainable business by focusing on energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and teaching their employees the best ways to reduce their own carbon footprint. The Bath Workshop invites customers to bring back their “empty” containers and offers them a monetary incentive for recycling.

The Bath Workshop reuses packing materials when sending products to customers and reuses “junk mail” to pad packages. They also reuse boxes and bubble wrap; turn lights off when not needed throughout the shop; wash towels only when there is full load; and use vendors and suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices. They also switched to lower wattage florescent bulbs and purchased a hybrid vehicle.

In their employee handbook, it states the importance of being as “green as possible” and finding ways to reduce, reuse, and save. The employees are encouraged to bike, walk, or carpool whenever possible and are proud of the actions they have taken to reduce their carbon footprint They enjoy talking to customers about actions they can take to go green, and serving as role models to other businesses in town. The owners also hope to telecommute on days when they do not need to be physically present and instead work from home to reduce the number of miles driven each year.

The Bath Workshop is continually looking at ways they can improve their business operations. In 2015, The Bath Workshop pledges to better use power management techniques on computers to reduce electricity use. They also plan on turning down the thermostat in the winter and turing it up in the summer to conserve energy in the store.

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The Bath Workshop
232 W Bonita Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

The Bath Workshop creates custom bath and household products from sustainable ingredients.

Green Practices:

  • All custom products are made in the USA
  • Products are not tested on animals
  • Imported ingredients are fair trade certified
  • Purchased a hybrid vehicle
  • Reuse junk mail to pad packages
  • Created an employee handbook with green practices
  • Replaced all light bulbs with fluorescent lighting
  • Use recycled paper products