Putting On Sustainable Celebrations

Sacramento Event Planners (SEP) provides eco-friendly and zero-waste event planning services, eco-event audits, sustainable event management education and consultation.

SEP’s solar-powered office includes an energy efficient printer/copier, energy and water saving fixtures, a composting bin, a recycling station and edible landscaping. In addition to a low-carbon workplace, SEP provides their clients with sustainable options for their planned events, including local farm venues; green printing and clothing; locally-grown food and flowers; event stylists who specialize in refurbished antiques (the ultimate form
of recycling); local equipment rentals; eco-friendly invitations and water dispensers to eliminate water bottle waste. They also partner with Atlas Disposal to provide composting and recycling stations at events. SEP provides green vendor contracts prior to an event to set expectations on waste handling before and during the event and assists vendors in finding more sustainable options for any service or product they need.

While focusing on running a low-carbon business is a priority for SEP, they also strive to spread the word of its benefits. SEP engages and educates guests at large events through their Sustainable Education Program, which highlights the green practices of vendors and clearly identifies recycling and composting bins. Information on the actions taken to reduce the environmental impact and additional ideas for future events are provided to the client following the event. SEP feels that simple actions such as these encourage others to consider how they can make a difference.

In an effort to help others improve their businesses, the owner of SEP teaches a Green Event Management course at Sacramento State University in which the students use the CoolCalifornia small business carbon calculator to determine their carbon footprints.

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Sacramento Event Planners
3333 F Street #23
Davis, CA 95616

Sacramento Event Planners specializes in sustainable events with low carbon footprints.

Home Office Renovations:

  • Solar powered office
  • Edible landscaping
  • Recycling and compost bins conveniently located

Sustainable Event Features:

  • Refurbished decorations
  • Eliminated plastic water bottles
  • Calculates the carbon footprint of the event