Practicing What They Teach


Resource Solutions Group (RSG) is a result-oriented environmental consulting firm specializing in the design, management and implementation of programs that improve resource efficiency. They know the importance and environmental benefits of leading by example. RSG implements resource-saving programs, focusing on delivering energy saving through energy efficiency and renewable energy, water efficiency and identifying opportunities for customers to quantify and reduce their carbon footprints.

RSG is committed to reducing their own carbon footprint and encourages their employees to do the same. They offer flexible schedules to help their employees avoid high-traffic hours. Each employee has a recycle bin at their desk. All task lights are equipped with compact fluorescent light bulbs and day lighting is used throughout the office to cut down on energy costs. They even have showers and bicycle lockers on site for their employees who use alternative modes of transportation.

Resource Solutions Group Program Manager Chris Pilek brought an extra bicycle from his home to leave at the office for himself and his co-workers to use to run errands and pick up lunch from their office in Half Moon Bay.

What Actions Did Resource Solutions Group Take to Reduce Waste?

RSG implemented a company-wide recycling program which recycles all paper, plastic, and glass. In order to make it easy for their employees to commit to the program, they supplied each workstation and all common areas with collection bins. Client marketing materials such as water bottles, promotional vests and other items for consumer distribution are sourced from recycled materials and eco-friendly options like BPAfree plastics. They have a policy for double-sided printing and unusable prints are used for scratch paper.

How Has Resource Solutions Group Promoted Environmental Action in Their Community?

Resource Solutions Group promotes programs and achievements through industry communications such as Flex Your Power, Energy Star and trade publications. RSG partnered with Stanford University’s Students for a Sustainable Stanford group and the Sierra Club to pass out 7,000 compact fluorescent lights to student residents and staff, the largest energy conservation program at an American university. RSG participates as a Board member for both California Urban Water Conservation Council and the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council. RSG is also involved in the greater Half Moon Bay area by participating in local environmental events and gatherings with other local environmentally-focused companies.

How Have Resource Solutions Group’s Efforts Been Recognized?

RSG was a 2009 recipient of the Small Business Excellence Award for their commitment to their customers and the environment.

Resource Solutions Group
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

A consulting firm that adopted and incorporated sustainability practices for office operations and promotes environmentally-friendly practices to customers.

Climate Friendly Actions

  • Purchases 100% recycled paper for office use, business cards, and promotional materials
  • Sets HVAC system to lower settings at night to reduce energy
  • Configured workstations with task lighting that uses compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Instituted recycling program that recycles 100% of office paper, plastic, and glass
  • Furnished employee break room with reusable dinnerware, bulk items, coffee mugs, water cups, and water filter on tap
  • Contracts with green vendors and caterers who use biodegradable serving ware
  • 30% of employees carpool some part of week
  • 35% of employees drive a hybrid oralternative fuel vehicle

Estimated Yearly

  • Reduction in employee commute miles: 59,800 miles
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions due to employee transportation policies: 26.5 tons CO2e
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions due to purchases of recycled paper goods: 1.5 tons CO2e