Planting a Better Tomorrow, One Card at a Time is an e-commerce business that cultivates sustainability within their business operations. The firm designs products such as holiday cards, invitations, announcements, stationery, wall art, and labels with the environment in mind. is committed to conserving natural resources in all aspects of their business. They use 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and bamboo for wall art, plant a tree in a U.S. national forest with every order placed (the goal of their “Cards to Trees” program is to plant one million trees) and purchases carbon offsets.

In addition, exclusively uses ENERGY STAR rated electronics and Green Seal certified or equivalent cleaning products.

Employee engagement and education about their green business practices is also important to Their headquarters are located near public transportation, enabling 65 percent of employees to walk, take public transportation, or drive an alternative fuel vehicle to work. The owners also used the CoolCalifornia carbon footprint calculator to show their landlord the cost savings recognized by reducing waste, recycling materials, and composting. As a result, the building owner installed more efficient T-8 light fixtures in the multi-tenant building. is an active member of the Bay Area Green Business Program and speaks at conferences and to aspiring entrepreneurs about how they can also create a sustainable business.

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475 El Camino Real, Suite 202
Millbrea, CA 8588

Paper Culture is an online retailer selling custom cards and stationery that plants one tree for every order placed.

Green Actions:

  • Planted over 300,000 trees to date
  • Use reusable toner cartridges
  • Purchased exclusively ENERGY STAR electronics for all appliances and monitors
  • Converted all cleaning materials to Green Seal or equivalent
  • Converted to 100 percent post-consumer recycled copy paper
  • Converted to recycled Post-It® notes
  • Cards use exclusively 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper or alternative non-tree fibers
  • Educates employees about sustainable actions