Providing Green Goods

Blue Oak Energy is in the business of being green. Dedicated to providing high quality service to customers nationwide, Blue Oak Energy excels in managing solar projects every step of the way.

Through their hard work and perseverance, Blue Oak Energy has made enormous contributions to the growth of the solar industry in California. In 2008 Blue Oak contributed in the contruction of 7% of the entire US solar market and 23% of the entire California solar market which translates into the reduction 500 million metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

They have also worked on projects for very big organizations including: Google, FedEx, California Institute of Technology, San Francisco International Airport, Sony Picture Studios, Rutgers University, and Walmart.

What Actions Did Blue Oak Energy Take to Save Energy?

Blue Oak Energy has taken great efforts to save energy. Currently, the office is designed to use natural light, with an exterior wall of windows and skylights throughout. All lights are compact fluorescent lights and have automatic power management features with sensors.

What Actions Did Blue Oak Energy Take to Reduce Waste?

The eco- friendly nature of Blue Oak Energy’s business is demonstrated by the actions of their employees who practice various methods of reducing waste. Recycling materials is an everyday occurrence for Blue Oak Energy employees. The company is enrolled in several recycling programs such as the HP Planet Partners Return and Recycling Program and the Call 2 Recycle Program. The HP Planet Partners Return and Recycling Program is an eco-friendly program that seeks to recycle all HP inkjet and Laserjet supplies. Since Blue Oak Energy is a large consumer of HP products, the HP Planet Partners Return and Recycling Program is extremely beneficial. Meanwhile, the Call 2 Recycle Program is another eco-friendly program that focuses on recycling batteries and cellular phones. Blue Oak Energy also encourages all their employees to recycle their unused computer equipment or other electronics through their office supplier who comes once a week to collect them. In addition, the company does its best to purchase post-consumer recycled materials. Currently, the majority of their paper, envelopes and doormats are made up of recycled materials.

What is Blue Oak Energy doing to combat greenhouse gas emissions?

Blue Oak Energy purchased a Toyota Hybrid Prius for business travel and in-town errands. The Prius is not only constructed out of recycled materials but also reduces petroleum consumption, a strong contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Tobin Booth, the founder and CEO of Blue Oak Energy, challenged his employees to take charge of their well being and to also be positive role models in environmental responsibility and sustainable living by implementing the Blue Oak Energy Wellness Program. The program asked employees to either ride their bikes to work or run during a break. Those who participated in these activities would contribute five dollars to the company Wellness Bank each time they participated. In 2011, the company earned $5,500 with a 75% participation rate. Employees did over 14,000 miles of bike riding. These actions demonstrate the company’s focus on maintaining its employees’ health as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, all employees are enrolled in a direct deposit payment plan which saves on paper. A digital fax has also been installed to ensure that all sent and received faxes are processed electronically. Lastly, the company continually makes it a point to purchase bio-degradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

“At Blue Oak Energy, we are committed to protecting our planet’s natural resources. We work to minimize waste in our day-to-day operations as well as support grassroots environmental work.” - Blue Oak Energy

An aerial view of the Blue Oak Campus.
Blue Oak Energy
4614 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618

Commercial and utility scale solar electric project firm that offers planning, engineering, and construction services.

Climate Friendly Actions

  • Buys recycled paper saving approximately 17 trees a year
  • Only purchases organic fair trade coffee, tea, milk and snacks for the staff
  • Uses biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products
  • Designed office to use natural light by installing a wall of windows and skylights
  • All lights are compact fluorescent lights and have automatic motion sensors
  • All office appliances, computer monitors, printers, and scanner are Energy Star rated
  • Landscaped using shrubs and mulch
  • Purchased Toyota Prius and a global electric motorcar that reduce CO2 emissions by
    approximately 14 million metric tons a year
  • Implemented a recycling program that includes employee participation and an ink cartridge recycling program
  • Encourages employees to bike to work by offering rewards for miles biked. During the April 2008 challenge, 892 miles were logged and 981 lbs of GHGs were diverted

Estimated Yearly Reductions of CO2:

  • 14 million metric tons of CO2 a year (from hybrids alone)
  • 500 million metric tons of GHG emissions reduced through solar market contributions

Blue Oak Energy was a 2009 Small Business Excellence Award winner presented by