SRT Consultants

SRT Consultants is committed to providing high quality services in the field of water resources, wastewater and civil engineering, while also promoting environmental sustainability. In the past two years, SRT Consultants has taken significant steps to create a green office space, reduce waste, conserve water and improve energy efficiency. To create a green office space, SRT Consultants made it company policy to purchase only low toxic chemicals and green products for washing dishes, personal hygiene and other necessary tasks. Additionally, SRT purchased an Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool laptop and posted signs reminding workers to turn off lights and recycle. To cut down waste, this small business made duplex printing standard for all computers and implemented a policy of utilizing used paper as scratch paper, saving $300 per year on paper and printing services. With a company tagline reading, “Water Resources Engineers,” you can expect SRT to take water conservation seriously. To conserve water, SRT installed a low-flow toilet, along with aerators in the kitchen and bathroom sinks that reduce the flow rate to below 0.5 gallons per minute. SRT Consultants also lowered the amount of water given to its plants and began to track its water bills more closely, watching for signs of waste or leaks. In order to increase energy efficiency, SRT replaced all of its non-T-fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs, purchased an ENERGY STAR printer, and began to use a small space heater as the sole source of heating in the winter, as well as two rotating fans instead of an A/C system in the summer. These simple actions not only resulted in a smaller carbon footprint, but reduced SRT’s electric bill by $100-$300 per year. Inspired by what they saw on, SRT owners signed up for Arcadia Power’s Renewable Energy Certificate Program, making the business 100 percent Clean Energy Powered! SRT Consultants is actively engaged in sustainability organizations, both teaching and learning from other companies. They are the only business to have attended every meeting of the San Francisco Green Business “Green Sphere Business Exchange,” and SRT was awarded a Green Business Certification in 2014. SRT also attended PG&E seminars and workshops that promote sustainable business practices. Lastly, SRT hosts yearly events for the Bay Area Water Works Associations – Water For People. This is a charity-based organization that seeks to provide disadvantaged international communities with the proper infrastructure to access clean water.

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