Laura Lawson, DDS

Laura Lawson, DDS, is a holistic dental office committed to providing both clean teeth and a clean environment. To conserve energy, the office uses ENERGY STAR printers, an ENERGY STAR washing machine, and T-5 and T-8 lighting in conjunction with natural light via skylight. The office does not replace mercury amalgam fillings or crowns, and ceased applying fluoride, reducing the generation of dental toxins. The office was able to reduce paper use by 40 percent as a result of sending electronic claims to insurance companies, printing on both sides, transitioning from paper to electronic charts, taking digital X-rays, and communicating with patients and other dental offices through email and phone rather than postcards. Laura Lawson, DDS, cut down on waste by recycling plastics, paper, cardboard and glass, and composting food scraps, plant debris and paper towels. The office minimizes single use items, instead using cloth towels in the restroom, cloth lab coats, cloth head-rests for dental chairs, and ceramic mugs for tea and water. These actions reduced the office’s total waste stream by 30 percent. In addition, the office has significantly reduced water use by installing a low-flow toilet and low-flow aerators on faucets, and by posting signs in the kitchen and restroom to encourage water conservation. The Laura Lawson, DDS, office prides itself on having employees that carpool, which has reduced overall vehicle travel by 228 miles per month, and on attaining a Green Business Certification in June 2014.

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