Lake Merritt Dental

Lake Merritt Dental is a comprehensive, eco-friendly, top rated whole oral healthcare clinic. Its dentists perform a full range of dental services from preventive hygiene care to complex implant surgeries, while also working to conserve energy and reduce waste. The owners of Lake Merritt Dental used PG&E’s comprehensive online portal to monitor their business’s energy practices and create goals to reduce usage levels. They also utilize PG&E’s SmartAC program, use only ENERGY STAR appliances, and replace lights with LEDs as the older lights burn out. These actions save them approximately $200 per month. To reduce waste, Lake Merritt Dental has begun purchasing dental products from green vendors. Currently, 70 percent of its products are eco-friendly, which is a great achievement considering the high cleanliness standards for medical and healthcare equipment. The business also uses the latest digital equipment, such as 3D digital panoramic X-ray technology, and offers in-house crown milling. In addition to conserving energy and reducing waste, Lake Merritt Dental works to decrease water use and was certified with East Bay Municipal Utility District as a WaterSmart business. Lake Merritt Dental is proud to say that 90 percent of its employees take public transportation, bike or walk to work each day. The business also incentivizes biking and walking through a partnership with the local nonprofit, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, and by offering indoor bike parking and monthly donations based on the volume of walkers/bikers to its office.

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