Greenway Partners

Greenway Partners, a private consulting firm in Arcata, works primarily with underserved, rural communities on projects incorporating a sustainable approach to project and construction management, community engagement, infrastructure, recreation and restoration, and energy management. Through each project, Greenway promotes and implements sustainable features, such as energy-efficiency or storm water management, thus spreading its environmentally-conscious efforts and thought processes broadly. In addition to the business’s external influence, Greenway prioritizes waste and energy minimization while increasing conservation efforts in its internal operations. To accomplish these goals, the business retired a low-mileage vehicle, purchased office products containing recycled content, and certified equipment through sustainability and energy efficiency programs (e.g. GreenGuard, ENERGY STAR, and Forest Stewardship Council), installed solar panels, and purchased used office furniture. Greenway adopted company-wide Sustainability Standards that include a water conservation policy, providing non-disposable containers to decrease waste, and using low-VOC products. The incorporation of these actions into business operations has led to a 50% decrease in waste removal costs, an improvement in indoor air quality, and savings on rent costs by decreasing energy use. Greenway Partners’ owners extended their sustainable endeavors outside of the office by playing an integral role in replacing more than an acre of lawn with native plant landscaping. The also hosted a event to raise awareness of environmental issues and sponsored green building expos.

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