Our consumption and purchasing habits can carry hidden costs in terms of our GHG footprint and the amount of waste produced. Take the challenge, and see how little waste you can produce!



The first step towards reducing waste is to produce less in the first place! It’s easy to eliminate single use items, reduce the amount of packaging you bring home, and buy better products that can be used longer and reimagined afterwards.




Composting is an easy and fun way to reduce the amount of waste your family sends to the landfill, while providing essential nutrients for your garden or yard, and reducing your carbon and methane footprint. Sound complicated? It’s not!



Low Carbon Diet

Go on a low carbon diet. By adjusting your daily food choices for ones that have lower carbon emissions, you can save thousands of pounds off of your carbon footprint.



Shopping and Kitchen Waste

Single use plastics such as plastic straws and grocery bags already have a bad reputation in California. However, there’s still significant amounts of plastic and excess packaging around all the products that we as consumers buy on a daily basis. Just like we all got used to bringing our own bags to the store, reducing additional waste is easy and quickly becomes second nature.



Extra Resources

Need some extra help with those hard to dispose of items? Here are some resources.


Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not presented in a specific order. Recommendations are presented based on a combination of perceived ease of implementation and potential GHG reduction, and are subject to change at any time.