Captain Vineyards

While many visitors rave about the views of Moraga’s majestic hills and bold red wines at Captain Vineyards Winery, the sustainable efforts that go into creating the vineyards’ unique wine experience also are worthy of praise. Through consistent efforts to decrease waste, evident by eight years of certification from Central Contra Costa Sanitary District as a Zero Discharge Operation, the winery has established itself as a true leader of sustainability. Everything that is uprooted from the land is returned. The pruning clippings, skins, seeds and stems of the grapes are composted and 100% of the organic material is recycled in the process. Dry farming and actions taken to recycle water (100% of water used in the cleaning process is recycled) have been acknowledged by the East Bay Municipal Utility District, through the Water Smart Award (received twice in the past eight years).  In addition to its zero-waste initiatives, Captain Vineyards installed solar panels that generate more energy than consumed, replaced the refrigerator and water heater with higher-efficiency devices, and insulated crawl spaces and walls to eradicate the use of air conditioners. This winery also is spreading an appreciation for conservation efforts throughout the local community. The winery has offered classes through Lamorinda’s Department of Parks and Recreation and the 4-H viticulture program, provided internships for high school and college students, and encourages clients to make green choices. Captain Vineyards embodies sustainability through its initiatives and inspires viticulturists and visitors alike to include natural resources conservation in their business operations and lifestyles.

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