Capitola Veterinary Hospital

Capitola Veterinary Hospital is committed to reducing their environmental impacts in every way possible. Part of their mission statement is to practice their profession “with respect for Life and Earth”.   As a certified green business under the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program, they have converted to paperless medical records by digitalizing all patient records, in-hospital, and client communications (saving ~$550/year); installed digital x-ray processing units; saved water by installing low-flow toilets and sinks; eliminated paper by using laminated sheets; painted the hospital with zero volatile organic compound (VOC) paint; replaced all lights with T8 fluorescents or LEDs (saving ~$600/year); purchased green products (i.e., laundry detergent, hand soaps, cleaning products); installed an ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat; developed partnerships with vendors and local groups who share their passion for protecting and preserving nature; and established a recycling program.  Styrofoam™ coolers are given to the “Waste to Waves” program that turns recycled Styrofoam into surfboard blanks. Some of their hospital uniforms are also made from recycled materials.

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