Refrigerant Management

refrigerator case

Save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing refrigerant use. Refrigerant best management practices can reduce refrigerant and energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

##Use Refrigerant Best Management Practices
* Check for refrigerant leaks regularly
* Use automatic leak detection equipment
* Conduct monthly manual leak inspections
* Repair refrigerant leaks promptly
* Do not “top off” refrigerant
* Use U.S. EPA certified technicians to conduct repairs
* Keep records of all refrigerant leaks, repairs, storage and disposal.
* Ensure refrigeration systems are operating pursuant to manufacturer's specification.

##Plan and Organize To Reduce Refrigerant Use
* Designate one employee as a Refrigerant Manager
* Develop a Refrigerant Management Plan and Mission Statement
* Conduct an inventory of all systems that use refrigerant and their refrigerant charge

##Longer Term Investments to Reduce Refrigerant Use
* Join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership.
* Invest in advanced refrigeration technology for new store construction and retrofit projects.
* Invest in refrigeration energy efficiency technology such as high-efficiency condenser and evaporator fan motors, high-efficiency compressor systems, heat recovery, doors on display cases, and efficient lighting