Buy Green

Environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) means purchasing goods and services that are better for human health and the environment as compared to other similar goods and services. Environmentally preferable products are high-quality, durable, less toxic, reusable, recyclable and use less materials, water and energy, thus minimizing the impact on California's climate.

Simple, Low-Cost Investments to Buy Green

Improve Practices

Longer Term Investments to Buy Green

  • Purchase Energy Star Office Equipment
    By purchasing copiers, fax machines, computers, scanners, exit signs, heating and cooling products, windows and other equipment with the ENERGY STAR label, businesses can save money while reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Plan to Buy Green

Form an EPP Team or Designate an EPP Buyer

The team or designated buyer will 1) ensure EPP goals are set, 2) promote EPP procurement plan, 3) track policy adherence, and 4) suggest additional items to be included in the business's climate-friendly purchasing program.

Set Goals

Set goals for number of EPP purchased, cost reduction, and/or other goals appropriate for your business.

Use the State of California's EPP Buyers Guide

Guides location and selection of environmentally preferable products. The guide will help you:

  • Write environmental specifications into bid solicitations.
  • Choose more environmentally preferable products and services in numerous categories.
  • Become educated on the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture and purchase of numerous products and services.
  • Identify ways you can reduce waste in your office, shop, or facility.
  • Locate surplus and reuse programs to obtain low-cost or used equipment and supplies.
  • Identify Web sites and other resources related to EPP.
  • Measure Progress at Regular Intervals



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