"Ride a Bike and Save Two Trees a Year!"

Vince Vicari interviews ARB intern Brianna to find out more about the benefits of commuting by bicycle compared to driving a car alone. Watch our video with Vince and Brianna about why she chose to ride a bike more and how you can do it to! Riding a bike 20 miles per week instead of driving a car that gets 20 miles per gallon, provides an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint by:

  • Annual Savings: 0.58 tCO2e/yr
  • Annual Savings: 156 $/yr
  • 10-yr Savings: $1560

Video transcript:
Vince: I’m Vince with CoolCalifornia.Org. We’re here with Brianna, a local college student, who’s going green and cutting her carbon footprint by biking to school and work. Brianna, how far do you ride per week?
Brianna: Between work and school, I commute around 35 miles per week.

V: What made you start riding rather than driving?
B: Well, at first it was about saving money. Riding saves me over $350 a year in gas, that’s $30 per month! It also reduces my footprint by 1 ton of carbon dioxide, which is like planting two trees a year. Other than the environmental aspects, I like being outside in the fresh air and getting exercise.

V: What tools help you plan your commute?
B: City Hall and Transportation Services can provide a map of bike lanes and safe streets to help plan the best and safest route for your commute.

V: What are your tips to potential bike commuters?
B: Safety is key. Always wear a helmet and use bike lights in the morning and at night. This not only keeps you safe, it provides peace of mind when riding. Biking is also a great way to get into shape and enjoy the sun. Riding at a moderate pace burns about 300 calories an hour.

V: On behalf of CoolCalifornia.org, thank you for chatting with us.
B: No problem, thank you.

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Start a Positive Cycle:

Walking and biking have important health and quality of life benefits due to the physical exercise involved in these activities. Many commuter cyclists or walkers simply consider this their workout for the day, allowing them to relax when they get home instead of going to the gym. Riding a bicycle burns about 400 calories per hour, so the average American could ride a bicycle for about one hour per day without needing additional calories from food.

Watch this Bike Safety Video from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: