Teaching others about climate action

Rachel D has taken a number of actions to reduce her climate impact. Here she tells CoolCalifornia.org one action she is very proud of:

The other largest contribution I've made, motivated by the Climate Change Action Group (conducted by the Ecology Center in Berkeley), was to hold our own CCAG at work. We signed up about 10 people, and went through the 4 week meetings, making people aware of their carbon footprint, and motivating them to take actions to reduce it. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for us, as well as the participants. You always learn about new creative ideas that people come up with. One feature we added to the group was to have the participants invite friends to the final potluck meeting. That way, we got others interested, and the participants got to talk about their achievements. We are planning to continue the groups, and the guests will probably participate!

How long did it take or how much effort did you put into making the change?

The CCAG group at work took some effort, but I had a buddy to do it with. It was WELL worth the effort!

Were there any costs involved? If so, how much did it cost?

The CCAG group was free, of course. I made some prizes (shopping bags made out of leftover upholstery samples) for the participants.

Would you encourage others to do what you did?

Everyone should do a CCAG in their workplace, or other community. It's so rewarding, and it spreads the word!



Started her own Climate Change Action Group

Anticipated Savings in CO2:



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