Installing solar ahead of the pack

In 2007, John and Barbara, inspired by their neighbors, had solar panels installed on their roof. They now have a 3.2 KW system which should last about 25 years. In two years the panels have generated over 9 MWh of electricity, which is about 70 percent of John and Barbara’s electricity usage. As a result, they’ve only paid a total of 21 cents for electricity in the past 2 years.

After rebates, John and Barbara paid about $15,000 for their solar panels, but the panels should pay for themselves in 9-10 years. Factoring in some maintenance costs, John and Barbara will probably save about $10,000 in electricity costs.

John and Barbara encourage others to get solar panels too! When he’s out jogging, John looks at houses to see if they have solar panels on their roofs and sees many untapped opportunities. “I really appreciate it when I see solar up there but mostly I see south-facing places which look ideal but no solar there. I find that sad. What better way to spend your money?”

Solar Incentives


Action: Installed 3.2 KW solar system

Anticipated Cost Savings: $10,000 in electricity costs

Cost: $15,000 (after rebates)

Reduction in energy use: 70% of their electricity supplied by green, solar energy