Biking to Work

Cheri has taken many actions to reduce her climate impact over the years, some were simple like choosing to compost and others were more complex like home improvement projects. Together with her husband, they have chosen to drive less and drive clean. "My husband and I both bike to work whenever possible, using the bus on occasion and driving in only when necessary. By doing so, we’ve been able to get by with only one car!" Cheri also notes, "We save many thousands of dollars a year in avoided insurance, car maintenance, gas, and parking costs! An added bonus is that we get a little bit of exercise each and every day." Making the choice to live "green" was not difficult for Cheri; it was just a matter of changing her value system and acting accordingly. Cheri adds, "You don’t need to make drastic changes all at once!" Burn calories instead of gasoline by riding a bike By riding a bike 20 miles a week instead of driving a car that gets 20 mpg, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 1280 lbs a year, burn calories, and maintain your fitness level. Not to mention save some money on gas and other expenses like parking. Whenever feasible, choose to live within biking or walking distance to work.

Sacramento, CA 95814

Replacing car trips with bicycle trips are great for your health and more:

Anticipated Cost Savings: Thousands each year in maintenance, insurance, and fuel

Anticipated Savings in CO2: 1,280 lbs/year