How to Apply

Application Submittal

During the annual application submittal period, there is one application form that needs to be completed by the business. The form can be completed online or by mail. The review team will decide the award category based on the information submitted by the small business in the application (e.g., applications that describe and document the demonstrated GHG emission reductions and include cost savings, return on investment, and/or benefits of actions taken will be considered for the Business of the Year award).

Supporting Documents

  • Applicants are encouraged to use the CoolCalifornia Carbon Footprint Calculator to quantify their emission reductions, identify their pledges for further reductions, and document the results of their actions in their application. Additional credit (i.e., more points) will be given to those applicants that use the calculator to show initial emission data, actions taken, and emission reduction calculations.
  • Applicants are encouraged to include other types of supporting documentation along with their application, such as examples, samples, and/or copies of printed reports; utility bills (i.e. documentation of energy and/or water savings); photos; pamphlets; advertisements; videos; green business program year-end reports; awards; certificates; articles; newsletters; etc.
  • Supporting documentation will not be returned to the applicant.