Award Categories

When you submit your application, you will automatically be considered for the award categories described below based on the content of your application.

There are two award categories:

Business of the Year

Awarded to California small businesses that have demonstrated measurable reductions in their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,  documented the cost savings, return on investment, and/or benefits of their actions by using tools such as the CoolCalifornia carbon calculator (business calculator), and included this information in their application. Examples include energy savings and/or cost savings (e.g., installation of new lighting, energy efficient equipment, etc.), investments in clean/renewable energy, major process/operational improvements, and the purchase of environmentally preferable products such as electric/hybrid vehicles.

Climate Leaders

Awarded to California small businesses that were proactive in reducing their environmental impacts. Climate Leaders will have described the specific actions taken to achieve the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (changed lighting; implemented recycling programs; purchased environmentally preferable products; increased weatherization; educated employees, customers, or the public) but may not be able to quantify the majority of their GHG reductions or cost savings.

For examples of the actions taken by previous winners, see the small business success stories (click here).